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5 (2), 3 (3), 5 (2) à Alexandrie, 1 (1), (0), (0), (0),' 4 (4) à Simbcllawht; 1 (0), (0), (0). 2 (2), 1 (1) à Port Said, (0), (3), (0), (0) dans le

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ciation of this unique man. In any Ust of the half dozen most beloved and useful citizens of the Old Dominion, Dr. Graham's name will rank with the foremost. This is

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Case. — Private Henry Zimmerman, Co. I, 42d New York Volunteers, was wounded at Antietam. September 17th, 1862, was anchylosed. His disability is rated total and permanent.

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scientific. He lauds his own religious views. His scientific ideas he wishes embalmed for the use of future generations.

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cordons de la bourse de Christiaan; celui-ci n'en fut pas la dupe; „assurément nostre M. CocQ est un fripon", écrivait-il.

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aljout the power is that he possesses it, and, while he is not altogether averse to receiving money for his work, he has steadily refused to allow himself to

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Radial artery.. Oct. 1, 1864. Brachial ligated by Surgeon J. C. Disci, M Mav April 8, 1865. Left brachial ligat.ul at both ends..

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the small intestine. The patient was very collapsed, there was profuse vomiting, and after the injection a flood of stercoraceous material from the mouth. The

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Research grants totaling S25.075 were approved for work Contributions to the scholarship and loan funds in the School of Pharmacy, totaUng $1,310 received during the

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8. Followed by Excision in the Shaft and Consecutive Amput n of Arm - The results of three hundred and fifty-seven of these cases could not be traced. Of

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affections. The condition of the nostrils is sometimes suggestive of a diseased condition of the respiratory tract. If markedly dilated

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average small- town hospital. That was our goal, and I think we I told people, including the doctors that I hired: "You are

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danger of drowning. Dr. Tyler, unmindful of personal safety, waded out into the stream to his waist, an almost foolhardy procedure in the

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the patient may dislike. In this case the eyes become quick and fiery, the countenance is animated, while the function, except what is roused to opposition, appears

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The ireatment of diarrhoea in chicks from any cause is pre- Tentive. This consists in removing the cause. Ko person can successfully handle poultry if he does not give the necessary

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Francis Aug6 died in Maryland in 1767 at the age of one 'hundred and thirty-four. He remembered the execution of Charles I. and had a son born

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assistant of Frerichs (1878-85) and Gerhardt (1885-89), Privat- docent (1889) and professor (1890) at Berlin, where he became an

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structive ravages on books and furniture, and, above all, by many species of acarus is well known. The louse, the flea, the bug, and the mosquito, are the common

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