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rose'ola, from Italian rosiola, measles, dim. oirosa, a rose; scarlati'na, fr. Italian scarlattina, from Persian saqalat,
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tion with only slight signs of meningitis is almost pathognomonic. During the terminal stage the diagnosis is certain, but in the early stages a positive
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Jahrhundert zurückverfolgen, (luden wir, lu der hier bei<prot!henen Studie zu •der Darstellung dieaen, eine Vorsehrift reproduziert, welche dem Autidotririum
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infectiuous agents take hold in AIDS patients. These people are just as disabled, just as in need of Social Security help, as a person with
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1 In spite of this, the strange contradiction "angular curvature " has come to be the technical term for hump-back. tl £vXov 7rpoaSf]aar ciXXrp Be iptdvTi irXarel Kal
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Flemmiug, Charles Edward Stewart, Bradford-on-Avon. Fletcher, Freilerick James, 6, Woodhouse-street, Stoke-on-Trent. Fletcher, Roland Henry, 25, Chichele-road, Cricklewood. x.av.
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Constitution. They entertained no such transcendental scheme; they contemplated no such Utopian mission for our educational funds; they
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arbciten bildet die Fortsetzung von Elliot\ Arbeit über die Antisepsis der grösseren Augenojfterationen, wie sie von einigen der führenden Ophthalmologen
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In 1834 the cholera epidemics caused wide-spread suffering. Espe- cially did it affect the families of two pioneers, each of whom lost seven
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impression of being inspissated secretion. In August (pi. 2, figs. 7 and 8) the lumina are distinctly enlarged and the epithelial cells lining the mucous mem-
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5. William Thompson. 6. Saint-Simonianism. 7. Proudhon. 8. Rodbertus. 9. Marx. 10. Louis Blanc and Ferdinand Lassalle. 1 1. Modem aims — ( i ) Conservative socialism
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operations upon the kidney and his opinion prevailed almost universally until the present day. Rufus Ephesus who lived in the time of Trajan and was
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a .scholar learned in the mathematics and the history of culture, has endeavored to stinuilate an interest in the establishment of an institute devoted to the
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implemented within a ten tear period 21 . On the ground, expectations are very high; people expect their land demands to be realised immediately. Real questions arise as to how
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catechu were introduced bv Fothergill, Colombo by Gaub, quas.sia by Daniel Rolander, .senega by John Tennent of Virginia. Dover's powder was intro-
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neum securely, and again twisting round the pieces we secure it so that none of the nutrient vessels may have a free passage
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admitted to Hospital No. 4, Louisville, Kentucky ; March 19th, 1864, transferred to St. Louis, Missouri, and on September 4tli
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lege of -Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University; Raymond D. Ad.ams, M.A., M.D., Neuropathologist and Visiting Neurologist, Boston City Hospital; Associate in
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University of Pittsburgh, 1914; graduate of Chicago work at University of Maryland. Practice: ear, nose also Beallsville Lodge No. 237, A. F. & A. M., Con-
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clinic. These were all in-patients, and therefore serious cases. Infections following surgical operations may be regarded in two
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lished a medical settlement containing the following departments: Harvey Medical College, Harvey Hospital, Harvey Free Dispensary, Harvey Train-
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neum securely, and again twisting round the pieces we secure it so that none of the nutrient vessels may have a free passage
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secrecy by giving every department and agency the authority to classify information, it limited the reasons for classification to national security. Today,
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of the left testicle, the ball passing through the fleshy part of the left thigh ; the testes were much swollen, the left testis protuding.
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ment, engaged his attention and, it is sad to relate, he fell a victim to 218 Illinois State Historical Society Journal. Vol. 6, 1913. Page 337.
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sufferings of mankind, which had increased to such a degree, that they saw, with the eyes of their understandings, that the only
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis is rather difficult, but when there is colic, together with persistent peritonism, exaggerated sensitiveness
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viations, acts more readily, and performs her office more successfully. In a future part of this work we shall re- sume the subject; and when the articles to which we