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Medicine's upper-class reformers, from Gates and his founda- tion colleagues to present-day officials of the State, have been

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that prior to 1930 no separate statistics were kept for these deaths, the cause of which was then little studying electrocardiography as an aid in its diag-

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live, by fire, but their death is from a fire of fusion. the course of a distillatory process, sublimes them superficially by the warmjh

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unter der Stadtmauer in Wassertrüdingen (1885) gefunden wurde und das in die neolithische Zeit zurückgeht, trägt die Umrisse eines menschlichen (Dae-

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of sterilized water. The solution should be kept warm, as the quinine deposits on cooling. The injection was made into a vein at the bend

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his illustrious pupil Aristotle (De Ortu et Interitu, ii, 1). A translation of part of Plato's Timxus regarding the elements, may be seen in the Somnium Scipionis of

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which represent the columns of liertin. L.s, Briicke's, branes in the fibrils of striated mu.scles. L. candidula Chiene's, imaginary lines designed to aid In localizing

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Dutch orleane, and we roucou, is a meal or flour of a seed from the Leeward islands and the isle of St. Do- mingo : these seeds are of a vermillion colour. The

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among them into the forties, when Dr. A. C. Dement arrived to share the Dr. Alexander Shields, of Springfield, sometimes practiced at Mt.

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Despite this history, on September II, 1914, he found him- self being transported. He claimed to be very tired. Upon reaching the city, he picked up a large stone and raised his

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dering fixed by means of sutures a displaced or floating Fixative [fiks'-a-tiv) \_figere, to fasten]. I. Applied to any substance used to fix iLssues in the structural

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in the proper tunic of the testicles, and surgeons call this affection hydrocele of the tunica adnata. If the complaint is formed

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jected into the anus. Clysters are usually injected by means of a bladder and pipe, called elusma, fistula, but in many other countries a syringe is always used,

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for British patients and had two wards for naval men; its record is 2,325 'French and other nationalities and 9,261 British,