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clay he has baked to form hard brick with which to build permanent houses after his forests were cut down, and, finally, traces of gold and

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This city, laid out by the government previous to 1814, has played an important part in the river commerce in our State for over a

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'SpaUanzani: Delia digestione degli animali, in his: Fisica animate, a time in carbon dioxide gas, where ordinary warm-blooded creatures

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suppose the fluids are formed and circulated as a wheel turning round, and supplying the various essential parts of the body (dhatu.)

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as is believed by MvELLER ; for, although the portal vein receives its blood from two sources, viz., from the chylo- poietic viscera and from the capillaries of the hepatic artery,

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esep wele pe akyngi's and pe bolnyngis of ioyntures 28 pis, forsope, haue I ful ofte proued. I sey, forsope, pat pis emplastre i-had, it is nojt nede- in pe forseid

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1877 Meek, John William, M.D. Lond., Norwood-rd., Heme-hill. s.E. 1904 Meek, Wilfrid Ombler, M.B. Lond., 3, Meath-st., Battersea. s.w.

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subnormal group, lying between normality and feeble- mindedness proper. The value of mental tests would, lepsy, and the majority of the phenomena can perhaps

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1) Ein der samischen Erde ähnlicher weisser bis aschgrauer feiner Thon. Kap. 109. Haut und Gesicht befreit von Runzeln die weisse oder

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that died of SIDS, Dr. Meny said researchers discov- "Looking at the death traces, I saw basically the same thing with some variations," said Dr. Meny. "It was the heart rate

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cancers occur in males. (The impression of the abstractor is that the proportion is rather smaller.) It has been suggested that the rubbing caused

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lymph-supplies of the mesenteric systems of both the large and small bowels, with general remarks on the mesentery of all

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doss, E., and Wostmann, B. S., J. Lipid Res. 17, 107 17. Mitropoulos, K. A., and Myant, N. B., Biochem J. 18. Gans, J. H., and Butz, R. L., Amer. J. Vet. Res. 25,

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disease. For the mode of administering them in heart disease, see The root of Solanum Indieum is an ingredient of dasamula

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le tégument se couvre de marques bleues. Ce traitement donne d'excel- sanguine et à l'excitation des filets nerveux. Dans les troubles catarrhaux,

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but muscular action, circulation, digestion, assimilation, and the mental operations also become enfeebled, hence the vitai standard of the nervous

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bined station, " the patients of which were sick convicts taken from the prisons. Of this "combined station" Virchow was

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cent, glucose, and the renal portal veins with a fluid containing 0-4 to 0-5 per cent, at half the pressure, when the mixed perfusate contains 0-21 per

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When tiii' liyjJorwiHift is of long sUmding, pivrtioiiUrlj' when there limy, the ctiangca whi<;h ar'iaa arc of a different kind. The kidnuj is then

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