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1 For a lirillmni and effective raqwntion of llir iniHlndml tollies of this period see Dr. A. Jueulii's account of his student days in Germany, in New


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nity which is now afforded them, of appreciating the value of the different doctrines to which our anxiety in exploring an

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heliographischen Portraten, zwei Lichtdrucktitelblattern und di- versem Buchschmuck. Halle a. d. Saale, W. Knapp, 1913- 90092 jjjg romance of modern photography, its discovery & its achieve-

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' rein, naitre des canaux extrj:nement tenus qui se re n-ndcnt ensuite dans le rein hii-memc, et de ccs rlandes llnalement

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peu de temps, la caractéristique suivante de van Helmont: "His mind was saturated with mysticism, and his arrogance almost equalled that of his

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in those fevers where Dr. Hamilton has with so much practitioners of eminence content with daily clysters, if stools did not otherwise occur. In general, clysters

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between organ donors and organ recipients. This sequence data is expected to lead to long-term improvements in the ability to achieve good matches between unrelated organ

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HECKKR (in the appendix to the Ephemeridex, Dec. II, aim. 5 and 8, Obs. 167). In fact, BECKER prints a portrait of the patient in his paper, dated Ki43.

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Dr. Robert B. Taft, 51, graduate of the Medical College of the State of S. C. in 1923, died at his home in Charles- ton on -A-pril 16th. .After courses of special study at the

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chair without tremors and with a profound belief in Major A private, 25, something of a liar and of rather a low per- sonality, had enlisted in the regular army in 1911, but de-

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vinegar some stone that has been heated in the fire. If pos- sible, the one to be used should be pyrites, or if not it, the

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ment. — Treatment of S'vitra. — Nila-Ghrita. — Maha-nila Ghrita. — Treatment by Bleeding, Emetics and Purgatives. — Vajraka Taila. — Maha-Vajraka

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57. A 1975 report written for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and released by the National Technical Information Service provides

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tears. Sometimes he would stick out his tongue at the attendants. His mother came to see him and afterwards he would say, "Mamma told me to be good, to eat well, to get

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Office of Scientific Research and Development (through numerous committees, coordinated and directed all nonatomic energy R&D

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coloration is produced, which becomes bluish-violet in the course of the day. This red liquid shows an absorption band at F and

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aljout the power is that he possesses it, and, while he is not altogether averse to receiving money for his work, he has steadily refused to allow himself to

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Apache " nostchi," and by the Sierra Blanca Apache " ope"." 3 " Upon attaining the age of puberty, girls fast one whole day, pray,

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