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1898 I Ereaut, Harold John, The Beeches, St. Saviour's, Jersey. 1895 ' Erhardt, Conrad Charles James, Crosshills, Keighley.
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()gle'= quotes six cases of loss of speech after bites of venomous svmptom is sometimes instantaneous and in other instances it only appears
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(Hemoptysis ) or in the case of a habitual drunkard. pulse or of the meat of Jdngala animal with or without prove beneficial in cases of (fever accompained by) a
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quarter of an hour, at intervals rotating the arm. Mr II. Clixe was in the habit of directing his patients to support a weight for some time before extension was begun, in order to
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ErythematouH, papular, Tedcular, moist, pustular and scaly. Name the pathologic conditions that may affect the equine foot.
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be a subject in the research and thus that any risks of the research were acceptable in light of the possibilities for medical benefit. Even at the time, however,
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Poisoning by the nitrates of potash and soda . . . .217 Diseases produced by distillery and sugar factory i)ulp . . 259 VIII. PARASITES OF THE DIGESTIVE APPARATUS .... 263
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A. It consists in knowing how to educe from potentiality into act ivity the innate warmth, or the fire of Nature, which is enclosed in the centre of the
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and he suggests that such sera should be tested on these animals preparatory to their use on man. In apes, according to him, the
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marked peculiarity is the very long, non-bifurcated spinous process on which account, it is called the vertebra prominens. The transverse
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or derivatives of the same on the other. Some glyco- proteids are free from phosphorus (mucins, nuicinoids, and hyalogens) and some contain it (pliosphoglycopro-
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are supported by voluntary contributions, and, with the exception of Oxford, where medical teaching is academic, and Cambridge,
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turpentine 1 gill, and simmers them together, and bottle for use, He also directs to soak the feet in hot water, scraping the
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long the disease has existed and the bodily condition of the patients. The treatment consists entirely in improving the hygienic condi-
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lessor Schultze has presented his own methods for the study of anatom).— methods proved to be correct and practical by many
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Vaccine and Serum Therapy. By E. H. Schoror. 2nd revised ed. Roy. Cancer of the Breast. By C. B. Lockwood. An Experience of a Series
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fünf Tränken. Das Eintreten des viertägen Fiebers verhindert das Einsalben des ganzen Körpers mit einem schnellwirkenden Mittel 2) vor dem An&üle
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the proudest distinction that mod- and then pour cold water on the ern medicine can boast of, and, bottle till perfectly cooled. It is
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About the second series of cases of dysentery some remarks are published here, though they could be observed only for a short time. From the appea-
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ceed In- dint of hard knocks. Like the heroes of Smollett, as descrilied by Sir Walter Scott, his cynical spirit seemed to delight
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plains of pain in the loin radiating to the groin or orders the t. is extremely variable. In case of cal- culus uncomplicated by pyelitis, the t. is rarely ele-
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