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fangs under the conditions of anger and agitation. The fangs being hook-shaped, a snake cannot secrete its poison without lowering its hood just after a bite. 15.

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KapTraaoi' of Dioscorides be the same substance, and whether either be the same as the oTroKapTraaov. Sprengel can ai'rive

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In a 1995 interview, Karl Morgan, head of the Health Physics Division of ORNL at the time of the Boston Project, indicated that the project was ultimately

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aucune préparation sauf, peut êlre les sécher, les couper, et ajouter aux assesonner, maïs en ne composant pas de vrais sirops, comme il semble que

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has the advantage of simplicity and the virtue of indicating the progressive nature of the damage to the heart in myxedema of long duration, but it intro-

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" Sir, — I am directed by Ivlajor-General Napier, C.B., Com- manding the District, to express to you the great gratification he

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King, Isaac M., Private, Co. D, 3d New Jei-sey Volunteers. Spinal injury by blow from a musket. Chancellorsville, LininieiiiK. Returned to duty on November 21st, 1864.

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le coït; au point de vue du mode d'infection, elle se sépare donc bien 1) NocutD. Bua. Acad, médecine, 31 juület 1900. — Pehkdïo [op, cit., tome XIII] a

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bath use dithhomar, or "papyrus, horehound, and worm- wood. A stone bath; that must he, to use ivith a stone hath ; let the oimn drink a drink from ompre or sorrel,

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of the axilla, lengthening of the arm and quite a large depression be- tween the head of the bone and the coracoid process.

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three lobes; whilst the left is the smaller and weaker, divided into two lobes only, and hence more frequently subject to disease.

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CASE 1071. Captain R. S , Co. D, 72<1 Pennsylvania, aged 24 years, was wounded at the Wilderness, May 6, 18G4. this officer was transferred to the hospital at Camac Woods. Acting Assistant Surgeon W. Canjac reported: "Admitted on

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equally to the medical officer in time of peace; to authors of text- books and treatises and to contributors to neurological and psy-

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least two value tubes in series to suppress this inverse current should not be employed, as it wiU be found difficult or impossible to obtain

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According to the unanimous opinion of numerous authorities, the illus- trations in this work surpass in beauty anything of the kind that has been pro-

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sagacity, its sound common sense, and its freedom from superstition. Resting on personal experience rather than on tradition, but with nonetheless a wide

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(3) Reflexes arising in the neck-muscles (secondary to (1)). (4) Reflexes acting on the trunk and limb musculature. (1) Lubyrinthine reflexes acting upon the head (' Labyrinthstellreflexe

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