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ibt-m externally, and particularly on the chest, and down the chain of the spine. The most common stimulanu for tins purpose are garlic, camjihor, ammonia, ether, and the
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flesh. They should all be very finely powdered and well 1. Equal parts of calcined white vitriol and alum. — 2. Bole 2 drs., blue vitriol or verdigris 1 oz. — White.
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in cuirp co leir, oir tairrngid sin amach an tadbur co leir 7 comcnaiig ni de, no berbtar feinel 7 mersi a nuisgi maille
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■Miice it b possible that in the kidneys, just as in other organs, the as- tc'rics of the Tarioufi nisciilar eystema are not subject to the «aiue kind
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land. Dr. Grant is likewise a member of the Royal Society of Canada, and is ex-president of the Dominion Medical Associa-
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order to demonstrate the shape, structure, connexion, and situation of the parts; this, though it does not teach the remedies of a disease, leads us to understand the
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sind sie mit einer grossen Zahl von Tabellen und Tafeln, deren Aus- führung eine ausgezeichnete ist, sodass sie jeder europaischen Zeitschrift
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Trachitis, tra-ki'-'tis. Inflammation of the trachea. Trachoma, tra-ko'-mah. Glandular lids, a form of conjunctivitis. T. defor'mans, a form of vulvitis with diffuse scar-tissue.
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Elwin, George Richard, M.D. Loud., 82, Blackfriars-road. s.E. El worthy, Reginald Robert, M.B. Lond., Colder s-green-road.
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certain foundation. From the chemists and the mathe- maticians, as we have seen, Boerhaave drew his theory ; but his practice was founded on the sound observations
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epithet given by Hippocrates to a lying-in woman that wood are so different from each other, as well as from the specimens of it that are met with in our shops, that
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Council on Medical Education (1905). has, through its propaganda in the last eight years, done much to decrease tne number of low grade medical schools
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and of these the former withdrew in 1764, and the latter died September 10, 1765. The region would have been left entirely without clergy had
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able to remain in hospital a fortnight, exposed, however, to shell-fire and given to starting at noise and occasional war
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good Buro-ical equipment, an X-ray outfit, a pathological labora- tory, and 12 operating tablefe arranged in pairs in a roomy
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is a good application to wounds, ulcers, scald-head, and some other cutaneous diseases. Dose of the decoction, from a wineglassful to a