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brain and intestinal canal. Cholera ; cramps in the limbs and bowels ; paralytic pain in the Hmbs ; cramps in the calf ; unquenchable thirst;
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affections. The condition of the nostrils is sometimes suggestive of a diseased condition of the respiratory tract. If markedly dilated
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influenced by the quantity of blood that this practice is peculiar to condly, to my recommendation of 3. My " opinion," that " vac-
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sodass sie an perniciöse Anämie erinnert. In einem Falle fand er 1,000,000 rote und 2900 weisse Blutkörperchen im cmm. Der hauptsächlichste pathologisch-
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and condition of the patient. instance should twelve pints be exceeded ; and if more than seven or eight be given, the remainder
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cision. If methylene blue solution is injected into the outlet to outline the tract it should be done the cient time for the solution to reach every ramifica-
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sequence of an imperforated hymen ; cystica, from in- flammation of the bladder ; cystosjiastica, a spasm of its sphincter j cystolithica, a stone ; cystojilegica, paralytic
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which is some hoddentin, at the opening of the snake's den, through which the reptile must crawl, and, after a short time the snake will
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been summarily discharged without medical benefits because he had developed AIDS. It was suggested that he acquired the disease
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unhampered by any adhesions which may be present between the iris base and the corneal periphery. It is advisable to lean slightly on the
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dressing burst open, and a profuse discharge of clotted blood and purulent matter took place; a similar collection, amounting to
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In the final pages of Volume I, the editor, foreseeing these problems of continuity quite as we now are viewing them in retrospect, wrote certain
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our opinion," writes Sauve, " that when the surgeon shall possess a carefully-ordered technique for total excision of the head of the
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named the Mare. And some say that it is kynd of spirites, the which doth infect and trouble men when they be in theyr beddes slepynge,
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sycke man that is in suche agony, warme drynke with a spone, and a sponefull of a cawdell or a colesse. prayer, that the sycke person may fynysshe his lyfe
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lesions of the caudate and putamen. Such movements, although unmistakable when present, are transient and difficult to reproduce from one animal to the
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Sweat : C. for Secretion of Sali',a (Illus. Diet.). C, Sensitive, a general term for any cerebral area which cal, a hypothetic area of tlie cerebral cortex which is
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walk about the hospital. While walking on a porch of the hospital he sud ruptured. Much ecchymosis and swelling soon followed. Extension was applied and cold water used. 15th, swelling very
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execute a half turn or to stand still with eyes closed, and disorder of position sense. The lumbar puncture showed no cells, a slight globulin reaction, and an albumin titer within
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1) Vortrag gehalten in der Section für Geschichte der Medicin und Nnturw. der 74. Ver- ftamml. der D. Gesellschaft Naturforscher und Aerzte in Karlsbad.
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The doctrinal dose of pyridostigmine bromide for protection against possible nerve agent exposure is 30 mg every 8 hours for
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and reliable, and more convenient for dispensing than the ,, Belladonna (Green), Standardised Granular Extract of This preparation corresponds to the B.P. Extract, ])ut
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with relation to each other, as otherwise there may be some lateral angulation at the fracture. The hand and fingers then to be well dusted with powdered boric acid