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belief in them existed from the most ancient times. days buried, and tear down a strip of the skin from so long as the girl keeps this strip of skin in her

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should be encouraged. Great care, however, should be exercised in the selection of the vaccine virus, so that its purity is unquestionably

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into arterial blood, would be very nearly 200, if the ford wrote, that oxygen contains a considerable propor- tion of caloric, and its abstraction is of course connected

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A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE PATHOLOGY AND TREATMENT OF LEUCORRHCEA. With numerous illustrations. In one very handsome octavo volume,


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ininum Lin. Sp. PI. 34; is a whitish, green, slightly hairy, plant, with square stalks, on the tops of which are long spikes of bluish flowers ; perennial ; a native of

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properly arranged with the stimulantia ; but we were determined by the fact, that nitre, and some of the other neutrals, in large doses, produce pain in making water.

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and especially in the morning; freely bathing the whole surface ; eating only the plainest food, and occupying the time by study, or useful employment, are very desirable as-

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found amongst us. All those grains, however, which are among the seven metals, and are rough in external appearance, come down from the starsĀ« and

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discuss the contained blood, and that quickly, before it become black ; and at first, astringents are to be mixed Avith the dis-

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during the five weeks which had intervened. I was assisted in the operation by Dr. Coon and the hospital internes. A curvilinear

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teries to the peritonaeum, and parts near it ; but, as it passes out of the belly, under the ligament, it detaches two considerable branches, one internal, the other ex-

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There are a number of other terms that may be used in designat- ing the different kinds of fractures, such as double, when both

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beginning to gel during my days, and it was mainly addressing malnutrition more than anything else. That was the basic thing

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iiid Henry Hurry Goodeve (1844) were new departures, and the latter en- ioyed a popularity of nearly fifty years standing. Some of the Indian surgeons,

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complete anaesthesia and total relaxation of the voluntary- muscles, and loss of deep reflexes. If the above dose be not exceeded, the

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