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faded, or as Goethe expresses it, like th images on coins carbunculus means "a little live coal," and was applied karfunkel, from funkeln, to sparkle. Many other words
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20. He was still conscious, though mental effort was dull ; but shortly afterward he sank into a state of coma. The brain
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Bcalp here is radiated, as if the covering had assumed the abiiornial conilition of the bone beneath. The epileptic paroxysms
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des régions désertiques, surtout pendant la saison chaude Siroeo, du désert, ternissent l'atmosphère et déterminent parfois même, une
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ten to twelve inches long. The uterus is eventrated. and then opened by a longitudinal incision of six to eight inches on the anterior wall of
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respiratory pasvsages were full of vomited matter at the [It is qviite as important to make thorough gastric lavage with water at 110° P., in operating on patients
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(wrongly) make Taxv8dpaToi refer to the average length of XLVIII. 'Ei> iraarj Kivrjaet rov cr(ofj,aro<;, cpepetv, ktjv cocriv aaOevees r) yepovre<;, rcov
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Emetics. After the oleaginous or relaxing remedies, and the exhibition of diaphoretics, the five varieties of the other remedies
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especially for urethral and vaginal use. For the ready Glycerogelatinum Zinci Durum. Zinc Oxide, 10 per cent. Glycerogelatinum Zinci Molle, Zinc Oxide, 10 per cent.
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3) Substancias extranhas ao protoplasma : corpos graxos, nos tecidos vegetaes (manteiga de cacao, de coco, oleos de oliveira, de algodao, de
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the progress of the case. Simple dressings were used. The wound gradually healed, and he was returned to duty October 26th, 1864. The case is reported by Surgeon J. B. Lewis, U. S. V. The name of the patient is not upon the Pension List.
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tomie ni de physiologie. Cfdle-ei, en effet, ne tient aucune plaee dans les traités médicaux des hindous; leurs eonuaiHsancea à eet t'gard sont insignifiautes et
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cranium during the late war was, therefore, about 2.09, or nearly one fatal case in 48. among the scalp wounds as probably examples of contusion of bone, and have transposed about an equal number from the
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magnesia with iron in excess. It is considered tonic and aphrodisiac and is used in combination with iron in anaemia, jaundice, chronic
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